Urgent Chiropractic Care

Painful flare-ups never come at the right time. It always appears in the wrong time and the wrong place. Either on vacation or just trying to enjoy the weekend. Pain does not really care. However, we do. We understand you are not always prepared for pain when it hits you. Waking up with an extreme stiff neck and you are unable to turn your head, we understand. Bending over and developing severe lower back pain and you are unable to stand up or go to the restroom, we understand. Therefore, we are here to service your urgent care needs. Acute or semi acute pain conditions and flare-ups services are available. After hours and weekend appointments are available upon request. In extreme cases home or concierge service is also available upon request.

Price List for after Hours & weekend services:

  • Urgent Care in office $175
  • Home service: $400

We do not accept any type of insurance with the above services. However, we can print out an invoice so you can send the bill to your insurance company or your HRA/HSA account.

Cash or Credit Card only.

Price is non-negotiable.

The above fee includes the following services:

  • Complete History
  • Focused Examination
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Physiotherapies
  • Stretching
  • Advice on home care

Please contact Dr. Jay Thompson to make the necessary arrangements at 805 377-5289.